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Randy’s Got a Playdough Face is NYC’s Local Band. 

The musical project started in Queens, NY, by multi-instrumentalist Daniel Marino in 2013. During the years leading up to 2018, he often played out in other bands while keeping this a secret. By changing his name to Randy, and giving the character a malleable playdough face, Daniel felt the freedom to create. But now with a full band formed, Daniel is ready to open this project to the world.

Randy is about what it means to be a local band, especially in a place home to so much vibrant art and music.

Randy is about in what a band can be. We’re not just a group of people that make music.

Randy isn’t about us or a single person. It’s about the act of creating. We want to do this in the hopes that someone else will see us and think.

I can “create” too.


Randy's debut record, My Father Used to Make Sand Sculptures,  was a four year effort of writing, recording, mixing and mastering a collection of 11 ardent songs, all composed in a tuning of Randy’s own creation, giving the  record a unique and cohesive sound. 

A sophomore release is fully recorded, mixed and mastered, ready for that tender moment of album birth


Influences: Death Cab for Cutie, Wilco, Modest Mouse, Smashing Pumpkins, Slint, Sunny Day Real Estate, R.E.M.